Where can I buy HYLO®, HYLO®-DUAL, HYLO®GEL , HYLO DUAL INTENSETMNEW, OCUNOX® Eye Ointment, CALMO® Eye Spray, CALMO® Lid Care or NACLINO™ Lid Wipes?

All links on this page lead to external websites. CandorVision (a division of Candorpharm Inc.) accepts no responsibility for the content of linked sites. HYLO® / HYLO®-DUAL / HYLO®GEL / HYLO DUAL INTENSETMNEW / OCUNOX® Eye Ointment / CALMO® Eye Spray / CALMO® Lid Care or NACLINO™ Lid Wipes are available at selected retailers across Canada and from your pharmacist (behind the counter) in any of the above pharmacy chains / banners. Please call the pharmacy and ask for the pharmacist (not the front store). He/she can tell you whether it is in stock. If not, your pharmacist will be able to order your product from their DC (not wholesale) for pick-up the following day. For details please refer to the ordering information.

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