Why is preservative free and phosphate free important?

"The ideal artificial lubricant should be preservative free; contain potassium, bicarbonate, and other electrolytes; and have a polymeric system to increase its retention time."*

Why is preservative free important?

Preservatives can:

  • Damage the cells of the eye surface.
  • Destroy the natural tear film.
  • Be the cause of intolerance reactions.

Modern tear substitutes are entirely free of preservatives.

Why is phosphate free important?

Phosphates can have a bad influence:

  • Practically insoluble crystals can be formed due to the reaction with calcium (which is released from damaged cells of the eye surface) and can impair your vision.

Eye drops that are used in dry eyes, particularly after eye surgery or injuries should not contain phosphate buffers.

Less is more:

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